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With restorative, loving touch I work and heal with care, cultivating balance and harmony on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Whether you seek deep relaxation, relief from chronic pain, or aid in healing an injury, my holistic massage and body work practice has something for you. I am passionate about listening to and learning from the body's wisdom so that you may open to ease, to kindness, and to healing. Restore your body-mind-spirit and come alive!

What my clients are saying

  • Laura has a great touch, very intuitive, present and sensitive.  It is appropriately firm and yet still nurturing. I’ve got Watsu training and certification, plus I’ve had tons of very highly skilled massage, and Laura is on par with any of the best I’ve experienced. She’s friendly, kind and interested, but gratefully does not chat at me all the time and instead lets me sink into a deep relaxation as she focuses on my healing. I’ve set a regular bi-weekly appointment to address my stress and overtraining issues from a very active middle-age life-style. So far I’ve received Swedish, but it seems to reflect also her Shiatsu training which I love.

    - David H
  • Laura is really great! I received bodywork from her a number of times and felt restored, aligned, relaxed and at times even blissed out after my appointments. Any stress I carried into the sessions was entirely gone! I often have shoulder and lower back pain and felt great relief from that pain after my appointments. My body felt aligned and my spirit uplifted. Laura is very receptive and highly attuned to body and soul. Her touch is gentle, strong and nourishing. She is warm, welcoming and radiant. It is clear that Laura has a real passion for her healing practice and that she truly cares about her clients well being. Laura offers everything I’m looking for in a massage therapist and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is seeking excellent bodywork.

    - M G
  • Let me begin by saying that I have been a Bodyworker for 18 years and I am very selective about who I have work on me.  That said, Laura’s touch and presence are phenomenal.  She gives very attuned contact, deep when needed yet soothing and flowing in a way that relieves the tension in my body and soothes my nervous system and mind.  Her personality is delightful, warm-hearted and open-minded.  I feel very safe and genuinely cared for in her hands.

    - Jasmine R
  • I always feel after Laura’s massages that this was just what I needed. Her approach is the perfect blend of delicate and deep, allowing my muscles to relax even when they’re at their tightest. She is highly skilled, and I definitely recommend her!

    - Simona B
  • Laura Camner is a truly gifted healer. I have experienced her work as a massage therapist, Biodanza instructor, Sound Circle facilitator, and grief ritual partner. Laura has the ability to manifest sacred space by her presence alone – she is a person who has made a life commitment to living intentionally, and this intentionality enables her to invoke a healing environment just by stepping into a room. As a bodyworker Laura’s touch is firm enough to melt your tensest muscles and gentle enough for a soothing trip into a blissful massage dream-state. Laura brings herself fully to each new client relationship and will meet you wherever you are in the moment, listening to your needs and bringing her skillful hands, educated mind, and loving heart into your healing session. I highly recommend Laura Camner to those in need of body and soul care!

    - Lauraina L

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