About Me

MRG_7770I believe holistic massage and body work support us in being our best selves. When we feel good in our bodies we are better able to live abundant lives, make wise choices, and have healthy and nourishing relationships. My interest in body work came about as I noticed how headaches, shoulder tension, neck pain, a worried mind, or a broken heart affected my ability to get through the day in a positive way. I found that addressing these issues with massage therapy and body work was and still is one of the most healing things I can do. After years of study, exploration, and facilitation of movement and somatic practices, massage therapy is the newest addition to my suite of offerings to deepen my capacity to help people walk a path of greater health and healing. I am delighted to be on this path that integrates my passion for body awareness and connection, authentic self-expression, wellness and healing, mindful presence, community building, and compassionate loving-kindness.


• CAMTC Certified Massage Practitioner #61914
• Graduate of McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland
• Trained Facilitator of Biodanza
• B.A. from Wesleyan University